Thursday, December 25, 2008

We wish you a fuzzy Christmas

To me Christmas means:
Trees... indoors!!
the amazing smell of turkey wafting from the oven
guests! lots of fun people to play with
extra long walks with the guests
snuggle time

Let's talk about the presents. Okay, I admit, I had a Christmas wish-list. It included a new collar, a bunch of bully sticks and a new ball.
Here I am opening up my first gift:
Christmas 2008- finally: a gift for me!
Don't you know it?! It was a collar!

Next, I looked through lots of other bags, but none of these was for me.
Christmas 2008- is this bag for me? Christmas 2008- is THIS bag for me?

I did get the bully sticks!Christmas 2008- bully sticks! My favorite!

And the new ball I was hoping for? Well... I had to share it, but I didn't mind a bit.
Christmas 2008- Dan and Mike and Lacey play ball
Boy, was I a lucky doodle!
Merry Christmas, every one!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree!

We got our Christmas Tree last weekend and it is finally decorated!
Got the tree!
It was challenging because the Dutch normally wait until after Sinter Klaas (Dec 6th) to get their Christmas trees. Even though it was difficult, Mike didn't give up the search and managed to find one at a garden store. It had a root ball, but it was no problem to chop that off before bringing it home.

Mmmmm. Now it smells like Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

IKEA Weekend

Mike and Meredith brought home lots of boxes yesterday.
IKEA weekend
Our new car was full to the brim!

Today I had to supervise Mike putting everything together.
IKEA weekend
It was exhausting, but at least now there is furniture in our living room.
IKEA weekend