Friday, June 13, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Hi! Hi! Hi!
I'm Lacey Doodle, a golden doodle dog. I've been bought by Meredith and Mike and been hanging with them for about six months now. I was born in Nunde, NY on Sept 7, 2007. My mom was a 70 lb golden retriever; my dad a 50 lb standard poodle.

My favorite things are:
paper napkins
kids- especially when they shriek and wave their arms

I'm afraid of:
that black pipe sticking out of my neighbors house
being picked up for my weekly weighing
the green box in the yard on the corner
the noise my ball makes when it hits my metal food bowl
my reflection
the cable guy

I'll be blogging my adventures here, such as my recent trip to Keuka Lake. Check it out:

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