Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blue Lake: best time ever

Blue Lake, Wisconsin is absofrickinlutely great. The three of us drove all the way to northern Wisconsin over a two day stretch. Riding in the car is no problem for me, but Meredith needs to stop all the time to do yoga. Not that I mind the opportunity for a pee break and a chance to smell some rest-stop dogs.

The boating, running around like a mad-dog, being off-leash for the entire day every single day all made the trip perfect.(Okay, they had me on-leash on the boat. Only because I kept debating about jumping out and it made everyone nervous.)
Blue Lake Boating with Scott
We had a chance to catch up with Scott and Tricia, people Meredith and Mike know but I had never met before. They were real nice; although Tricia was also trying to get me to swim with the whole throw-a-stick-into-the-water thing.
Blue Lake fetching with Tricia
I humored her, since she was so nice to me otherwise.

At the end of one day, the people decided to play some game they found in the game cabinet and I did some fabulous couch-leaning.
After a long day running around at Blue Lake
When do we get to go back there?

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