Saturday, August 9, 2008


So last night I asked Mike, "Are we gypsies?"

It was actually a valid question- I mean- we've stayed at 4 different places in the past 6 days. I am starting to think we just live out of the car. Not that I mind much: vacationing is pretty darn cool because I get to see Meredith and Mike all day and nothing beats that. (Well, except if there are other dogs wanting to play with me, or squirrels to chase, or bunnies...)

Sturgeon Bay is pretty neat. Mike's parent's have a boat and we spent two days sailing around the bay. Well, they sailed and I napped.
Napping on Don's boat with Mike at the Helm

I did very well on the sail boat. Here I am again, in position:
Boat Napping is the best

Don was great. He let me wander all over the boat, no leash. We had some fun times together while taxi-ing out of the channel:
Chillin' on the boat with Don

I have to admit, sailing is my favorite kind of boating.
Feel the Breeze

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