Monday, November 24, 2008


Holy bunnies, I'm exhausted today. We had quite an adventure yesterday! First, we rode the train for a long time.
On the train to Amsterdam
And we had to switch trains a lot. Meredith and Mike were amazed at the delays because they said it should have taken us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get here and instead it was almost 3 hours.

Once we arrived, we had a lot of fun with friends Lori, Brett, and my new friend, Holly.
We went to a dog park!
The dog park in Amsterdam
And it snowed there, too!!!
And Holly and I both got really dirty:
Holly in Amsterdam
Holly knows how to come when she is called. I don't care to do such things. I'd rather run around until I'm good and tired. Only then will I decide to come.
Amsterdam snow
We didn't see much of Amsterdam because we were a bit worried about getting home with the trains being all messed up. Unfortunately it took us another 3 hours to get home, and several trains, too. It was so cold on the platforms we were all snuggled together trying to keep warm. Once we got back to the apartment, Mike and I played in the snow.
BIG snow fall in Eindhoven!
Eindhoven got 3 inches of snow! I guess that's quite a big deal here!!

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You get to ride on trains too!? Lucky! - Oscar the Pug