Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm a biking dog!

Eindhoven Fun
Mike and Meredith decided to try again to get me to bike properly this past weekend. They were heading to a friend’s house on Sunday so they wanted to make sure I had plenty of exercise before they left me for the day. We started out “normal” (or at least how I’ve biked before):

Meredith then brought out the cheese. I do love cheese. It is almost my favorite food, ever. I say almost because yogurt is probably my favorite, but much harder to use as a reward unless I’m indoors. I can’t imagine Meredith busting out yogurt from her pocket for me on a walk in the park.

The training happened next. Mike biked reallllly slowly while holding my leash, Meredith walked reallllly fast next to us and I ate cheese between them, instead of biting the leash. We did this over and over again and then she said to Mike- go for it- and off we went. Check it out!

Meredith and Mike are so proud of me! I’m a smart doodle-dog!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I am interested in trying this bike running thing if it involves me getting cheese. Lately I have been getting a of pumpkin guts. They are good, but mmmm cheese - Oscar the Pug

Maggie said...

Neat Lacey! Dogs don't get to do that in Madison!