Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just when you thought Halloween was over...

Dirtball Lacey Doodle looking smug
I had a marvelous day-after-Halloween. Check me out! Check out my fabulous muuuud! I bet you are wondering how on earth I managed to accomplish this. In order to create this custom muuud-look several important steps must be followed. First, you need to start with a rainy morning. Next, find another dog to play with who slams you onto the ground. Preferably wet, soft muddy ground. Thirdly, run around with this dog until your paws are fully soaked. Here, let me demonstrate:

Now find a big pile of leaves to swim in.

Check out the final product:
Dirtball Lacey Doodle
Dirtball Lacey Doodle Dirtball Lacey Doodle
And Mike’s initial reaction:
Mike's Reaction to Dirtball Lacey Doodle
Mike’s secondary reaction:
Dirtball Lacey Doodle Dirtball Lacey Doodle

Dang. Guess I’m back to my old self again.
Clean Lacey Doodle


Lt. Dan said...

This looks like it was a magnificent day. You inspire meow, LaceyDoo. I've never been outside without my crate, but it looks like an escape plan might be worth it.

Emmett and Melissa said...

Hi! Emmett wants to know the names of the other dogs in the movies. Do you know? Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Muuuuuuud! Looks good on you! I get a muddy under carriage a lot because I am so low to the ground. Love it! Until I get dumped in the bathtub. Bleah. - Oscar the PUg

Lacey said...

Thanks for the comments!

Emmett and Melissa, the other gray and white dog is called "Pax". Pax's owner kept saying that I was trying to look like Pax with my mud-application. I actually wasn't. I was going for my own muuuuud-look. Unfortunately, we didn't end up exchanging names with the little fuzzy wiener-style dog.

Sue Kishel said...

That's punk rock, Lacey!!!