Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goldendoodles in the news

Recently in the U.S. of A. the people there elected a new president. Meredith and Mike were listening to Obama's acceptance speech and I distinctly heard mention of a presidential dog. I fully support the idea of a dog having a prominent position in the government of America. Consider the attitude of a typical dog... when I meet another dog I have one question: Will you play with me? If the answer is yes, we play. If no, we don't play. If only people could be that straightforward and considerate of each other's needs. Think about it. The US says to China, "Do you want to play?" and China says, "Yes." All is good in the world.

But back to the goldendoodle dog news: It turns out that President-Elect Obama is interested (perhaps) in a goldendoodle dog. An article in the The Boston Globe is even titled,
"Goldendoodle talked up as First Dog"
The picture shown in the article is of three goldendoodles, two brown and one dark brown... from behind. While I would recommend such a pose from one dog to another, I am going to guess the people reading that article would have preferred to see the dog's faces.

The article goes on to have some "important" dog person quoted as saying that goldendoodles are not a recognized breed but rather a "mutt". Well, no matter what you call us, we certainly are special. And if the president decides to make one of us a first dog, well, worse things could happen.

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