Friday, October 24, 2008


Again on Thursday Meredith was gone for the entire afternoon, trying to sort out the internet problems. Things were so pathetic that at one point in the day she was explaining to the guy at the mac store in the mall how to use her macbook air. When we were out walking last night I noticed a store with “UPC” on the front of it- the internet service company! I pulled on her pant leg and made her stop in and asked if they could help. They suggested we come back with the modem the next day.

Today, after the dishwasher repair guy left (he said he’d be here between 8am and 12pm and showed up at 11:55am- of course!) we headed over to UPC. She insisted that she bring me with her because, well, I have an excellent cute factor and might be of service.
Week 3 in Eindhoven
My cuteness worked. After a couple hours of waiting and a nice cup of tea for her and lots of petting for me we got a new modem and an official internet blessing.

Here I am with my internet hero, Erik:
Around Town Week 3 Eindhoven

The internet now works! And it only took one week to get it to work! This is fast by Dutch standards so we are trying to appear pleased. (Don't I look pleased?)
Week 3 in Eindhoven
Now we can finally look for a place to live. This apartment, while better than a hotel (even a fabulous hotel), is on the 7th floor and surrounded by brick… not so easy for me to go outside and find a suitable place to do my business. Here you can see Meredith and I walking in from our front door. Not that exciting, but clearly too many doors to go through.


ornerydan said...

your elevator has no door of its own? what keeps you from rubbing your face on the passing floor doors? your will alone?

Lacey said...

No door! No door!

Oh... I'm not allowed to fool-around in the elevator. Strict sitting rules are enforced with vigor.

However, rubbing my face on the passing doors sounds really good. Thanks for the tip!