Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sandwich Willy

Well, I feel quite normal again! Here I am, in all my glory:

Today and yesterday were loads of fun here in Eindhoven! A fantastic park full of dogs is right outside our hotel door.
Here is the front door to our hotel:
First Days in Eindhoven
Everyone has been so nice to me, petting me, asking what kind of dog I am in Dutch, which of course I don’t understand. Once we explain that we don’t speak Dutch they launch into perfect English! It was so amazing how I was allowed to go into the sandwich shop yesterday.
At Sandwich Willy's
We saw a place with tables outside and asked if we could sit there for lunch. The shop-keeper explained that the season for ‘outside table sitting’ had now ended and the tables were only ‘decoration’. Meredith explained that she had me with her, and they said, that is fine- bring her in! So I got to lie at Meredith’s feet while she and Mike had sandwiches. I had never been in a restaurant before!
At Sandwich Willy's
Mike and Meredith had little drinks!
At Sandwich Willy's
Notice where her feet are positioned- it seems the Dutch are a bit taller than her- so far whenever she has been sitting, her feet haven’t quite touched the floor. Interesting…

They even brought me a bowl of water! Now, if I could only get that kind of service everywhere I go.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could go inside cafes here in Rochester. Cibon is the only one that is cool with it. My peeps think it is great how the drinks there are in glass more often than plastic like it is here in the states. What do I know? No one ever lets me have Coke. - Oscar the Pug

meg said...

Oh, Lacey, you look so ... so jaunty, so adventurous, so laid-back but still sophisticated! Clearly, you were made to be a world traveller. (And Meredith looks lovely, too, by the way. Could you pass that on?)