Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Farm within the City

Week 2 in Eindhoven

What the heck are these things?? Meredith and Mike said they are ‘cows’ but I tell you, they look like overfed Dalmatians. They move so slowly, but they still scare me.

Week 2 in Eindhoven
And check out these chickens! We walked over to the fence and they all came running! I thought they were coming to see me, but I guess the reason for the royal greeting is that people feed them and they thought Meredith and Mike might have some tasty treats. Believe me, they didn’t. I’d know if they did!

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Anonymous said...

Be nice to those cows - that is where ice cream comes from. Sometimes I get a tiny doggie serving with a dog bone in it. Those cows know what they are doing. - Oscar the Pug