Friday, October 10, 2008

We made it to Eindhoven

Today was “travel-day”. We got in a rented SUV and drove to Canada, eh! The border people didn’t even care about me, Meredith had all my papers ready to show and all they wanted to know was if “Graham” was her maiden name. She kept saying, “It is my only name.” and they kept asking is it her “maiden name”. It was rather comical, in retrospect.

We stopped at a nice park where I could stretch my legs and enjoy the sunshine.
Mike and Me playing in a park in Toronto
Mike and I found a great stick to chew on!
Mike and Me playing in a park in Toronto

I’d really rather not discuss the plane ride. Traumatic, strange, scary… it was all of the above. And embarrassing. I had to go so bad I couldn’t hold it. I thought I’d never see my people again… but a nice man finally got me and brought me to Meredith and Mike. They let me right out of the crate and hugged me and loved me. I was so glad to see them I wagged and wagged. Meredith cleaned out my stinky crate and my stinky paws (yes, I stepped in it, did you have to ask?) and things seemed better. The scary part continued, however, as Meredith walked me outside the airport where there was no grass and loud machines cleaning the sidewalks. I was so freaked out that I couldn’t go to the bathroom. Eventually, Mike came outside too and he walked me around until finally I consented to pee.

We rented a car and they let me ride in the passenger foot-well on the way to the hotel. It was either that or ride in the crate because the crate and luggage took up the entire back seat and way back of the station-wagon. I sat up a few times to look at the farm animals Meredith pointed out on the way. But admittedly, both she and I did quite a bit of snoozing. Traffic was bad and poor Mike had to navigate on his own to Eindhoven.

When we arrived at the hotel, Meredith and I crashed almost immediately.
At the Hotel Parkzicht in Eindhoven

Mike did some stuff and then he slept too for an hour or so. They were all up again in the afternoon and out seeing apartments and then eating dinner. The time difference is 6 hours and so it will take some getting used to, I think.
Breakfast at the Hotel Parkzicht in Eindhoven
It is going to be interesting ‘camping’ here in the hotel!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made it across the pond okay! I hope I can be put in a box and go somewhere cool like that someday. But without the poop part. Yeah. - Oscar the Pug