Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home away from Home

Yesterday, after the movers left, we drove to Brockport to stay with Barb and Sal. Mandy had told me about their dog, Skunky, whom Mandy used to play with. Skunky passed away a few years back and it was very sad. Here is a video of Mandy (on the left), Ceasar, Moby and Skunky during Christmas time. It totally cracks me up.

Barb and Sal are so nice to me. They treat me like one of the family. Their house is fantastic for squirrel-watching. From the living room to the family room to the hallway, I’ve got tabs on all the windows. It’s nice to have a job to do for a couple of days here, and I know they appreciate my watchful eye.

Meredith and Mike have said we are traveling tomorrow. They are telling me not to be scared. Scared of what, I wonder? Well, for now there is relaxing with Sal. I’m great at it.

Sleeping near Sal
Snoozing with Sal

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