Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Hotel Ever

The last few days Meredith has been trying desperately to get internet in our apartment. This has involved her leaving for hours at a time, and I have to stay in my crate. If I may say so: This Sucks. We went over to our old hotel and used the internet there today around 4pm. The receptionist on duty was our favorite one who lives in Valkensvaard and who tried to convince us to come live in the same apartment building as she does. She is adorable! However, the waiter was not so nice. He kept winking at us while we sat there alone and then when Mike showed up he became rude and gave us dirty looks. I was indignant about it because gosh- what kind of a doodle does he think I am! So Meredith mentioned his bizarre behavior to the sweet receptionist and she said (right in front of him!), “Oh do not pay any attention to him! Only listen to me, we like having you here.”

That’s what I’m talking about. Best Hotel Ever!

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