Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spa Day

Our hotel has a courtyard surrounded by wall or a wall of greenery. I’ve noticed that many yards here are ‘fenced’ in by greenery. It is usually so thick you can’t see or smell through it at all. A fine example of said greenery:
Fancy Hedge. I want one.

Meredith and I decided to explore the hotel yard because it is completely inescapable for me and she thought she could let me off leash for a bit. I love being off leash. Most of the time I just want to run in circles really fast:

Occasionally, however, I get a little bit of the devil in me and try to do something naughty like dig. The grass was covered with colorful fall leaves and I decided it would be great to grab a leaf during my mad dash. Meredith thought that was cute and clapped her hands. Next, I noticed little piles of pellets here and there. They smelled vaguely of bunnies, one of my most favorite things. I stopped to get a better sniff. Meredith came toward me, warning me to ‘Leave it!’. Ohhhh no, not this time!! I grabbed a mouthful. Next, I found some other dog’s poo. Yum!!! I kept running as fast as I could go while Meredith was screaming for me to quit eating shit. It was truly a beautiful morning.

Once I got sufficiently tired she grabbed me and marched me to the door. She said, “You’re having a spa day, little shit eater” and next thing I knew I was being doused in the hotel shower. It was horrible. I thought I was going to drown. Maybe I’ve mentioned before that I HATE water? Argh. I tried to escape, but the doors on the stupid shower actually close completely. Meredith was locked in there with me, armed with the shower hose thing and gallons of dog shampoo.

Next, she spent time trimming my nose and paws. They tend to get unruly rather quickly, causing me to obsessively lick my chops after meals and such, so, although I hate the process of trimming, I do like the end result. However, she didn’t stop there: all the lovely bunny smell on my breath was completely obliterated after she brushed my teeth with toothpaste for dogs. What a morning.


Anonymous said...

I blame my owners for being too busy this summer for you to come over and run in my backyard. It's great. There are squirrels to harrass. - Oscar the pug

Anonymous said...

I love bunnies too! I've caught a couple in the yard and my owners get really, really upset. Shana makes Benjamin take it away. I don't understand what all the fuss is. I don't have a taste for other dogs' poop but I personally love goose poop and will gobble it up as fast as possible whenever we're at the park and my owners aren't looking. I know I'm not supposed to have it but its so worth putting up with the scolding. -Cody

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a hilarious post. I hope you had a fun time running around. I wish I could get outside more often.