Monday, October 20, 2008

A little bit of a move

An apartment was found! And it is not too far from the hotel (and my favorite park!). From what I understand we are only going to be here for a few weeks while we continue to try to find something more permanent. Meredith and Mike have been packing all evening and used some kind of hotel cart to transport most of the luggage the few blocks over to the new place tonight. Tomorrow morning we have to be out of the hotel by noon, so we’ll finish up before Mike goes to work. Fortunately, the bus stop is next to the apartment, so it will be very close for him to ride to work. Too bad he can’t borrow hotel bikes anymore to take to work or to teach me to run next to!
The view south from our new place: (the bus stop is not visible because of the large tree)
Apartment- Short Term

This new place is all black and white. Literally. A huge canvas photo of some American city in the 1900’s adorns the living room wall.
Apartment- Short Term

Let’s list the myriad of good things about the apartment:
• It isn’t a hotel
• Cheese is available in the fridge
• My rug came with us and I get to play with my toys in a bigger space
• Meredith and Mike are with me for dinner instead of gone every evening to a restaurant
• We have a balcony!

And the not so good things:
• In order to get to our 7th floor apartment we have to use an elevator (scary!!)
• The balcony makes it tough to look out the window from the living room at the people below
• The internet isn’t working (how the heck do I blog?)
• I’m still not allowed to bark at will

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